Fade Street to air new season

Fade Street fans and critics will have let out a collective sigh as news of its return was announced. However, the former will have let out a sigh of relief and the latter a sigh of desperation.

RTÉ has made the decision to air a second season of the controversial reality TV show despite receiving poor reviews from critics throughout the first season. Season two will once again focus on the lives of Louise Johnston, Dani Robinson, Cici Kavanaugh and Vogue Williams.

Questions about the central location of the show arose when it was revealed that the apartment on Fade Street, where most of the filming took place, was up for rent several months ago. However, there’s no doubt that the show will mainly focus itself in the Dublin 2 city centre location.

Viewers of the shows can expect much of last season’s dilemmas to be re-visited and the show will more than likely feature ex-Westlife member, Brian McFadden, as he is currently dating Williams.

The show is scheduled to hit our television screens in next few weeks. Despite criticism from many that the dialogue and scenes are being acted out, the RTÉ website states that: ”The cast are not actors and do not deliver lines from a script nor provide emotions on demand.” Questions about the return of the show arose when RTÉ decided to move it the from the 9pm primetime slot to an after-midnight one halfway through the first season.

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