Brenda Fricker visits SWICN Computer Clubhouse

By Sarah Reilly

Brenda Fricker was guest of honor at the 3rd annual showcase of the Computer Clubhouse in Rainsford Street on 6 April 2011.

Although feeling poorly, Fricker was the belle of the ball, “I will come back when I’m well and healthy,” she said, “I might even learn to use the computers!” The actor was due to go to hospital the following day and confirmed at the time that she would be hospitalised for ten weeks.

Run by the South West Inner City Community Network (SWICN), the Liberties Computer Clubhouse launched the opening of a new film production studio on the day, with Brenda Fricker cutting the ribbon.

‘To discriminate is out of date’ was the slogan of the day and all projects exhibited were based on anti prejudice towards others.

The showcase consisted of young members of the clubhouse displaying creative pieces which they had been working on for weeks leading up to the event.

Presidential candidate David Norris was also there and was clearly impressed by the talent and ability of the young Computer Clubhouse members.

Laurence O’Callaghan (14) from Oliver Bond interviewed foreign girls working in Spar for his project to find out if they had ever experienced racism. “I was pleased to hear that they felt they were treated no differently to us”, he said.

Jamie Dalton (11) from Marrowbone Lane built a house for his pet hamster.

Sean Hynes — \”Liberty Boy\”He said “I saw a big Hamster cage in a posh house online and that’s where my idea came from.”His idea was based on Dublin 8 pets having as good a home as any.

Jade Osbourne (14) from School Street gave a speech on discrimination and also wished to thank the Computer Clubhouse for being an amazing facility. “The Computer Clubhouse is everything that I ever wanted…i got to go to America and learnt to play guitar”, she said.

“People discriminate without realising it,” added Jade, while presenting her Stop and Think project.
Advisory board member Philip Smart credited the children’s fantastic dedication to their projects and linked the showcase slogan back to the opening of the SWICN Computer Clubhouse. Mr. ¬¬¬Smart said “The clubhouse started so people in the area would not feel discriminated against.”

An Intel Scholarship award to the value of €10,000 went to mentor Abdul Hassan (20), while the €5,000 Intel Scholarship award went to Richard Okare.

Abdul Hassan who was also celebrating his 20th birthday on the day also took home the Robotics Ireland award.

CREST awards were given to Louise Raymond, Nathan Hanley, Shannon Nolan and David Boxwell.

Brenda Fricker took to the stage to present the Adobe Foundation awards to David Boxwell (16) and Rebecca Nolan.

Talented young singer Louise Raymond sang Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful following the distribution of awards.
Friends Leah Graham and Leah Malone, both 11 from James Street created an impressive presentation based on the 1955 Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement story. “It’s not nice to be racist or discriminate,” agreed the girls.

Seán Hynes (11) from Marrowbone Lane presented his own rap song and video in the showcase. His song, ‘Liberty Boy’ makes a statement against bullying. “It took me a month to write and produce and I enjoyed every minute,” said Seán. Since his debut rap single he’s now also known as Dr. Hynzie.

Refreshments were enjoyed throughout the event and overall the day proved to be a great success.
The core funding for the SWICN Computer Clubhouse comes from the City of Dublin Youth Services Board. Funding to open the new Film studio was funded by three other bodies including SAP Business Objects, South Inner City Local Drugs Task Force and Dublin City Council.

Check out Seán Hynes’ ‘Liberty Boy‘ on YouTube!

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