The seven chapels of the Liberties

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Easter in the Liberties was once a time for the tradition of doing the seven chapels. This meant saying the Holy Thursday prayers at the seven local Catholic churches.

These churches are The Church of the Immaculate Conception (‘Adam & Eve’), St Michael’s, St John’s, John’s Lane Church, St Nicolas of Myra, St James’ and St Audoen’s. Church goers would visit all seven churches in that one evening.

“There was nothing else to do at that time,” said Sadie Doyle, 74, a local resident who has lived in the Liberties all her life. “That tradition is long gone,” she added.

Although the outside of these churches can be plain and grey, John’s Lane excluded, the interiors are often very decorative and beautiful. Many of these churches contain work by world renowned stained glass artists. Two of the churches – St Nicolas’ and John’s Lane – have stained glass windows designed and produced by the Irish stained glass artist and book illustrator Harry Clarke.

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