D’Unbelievables are back with a bang

Never lacking in energy- D'Unbelievables

by Martha Gberevbie

After a lengthy absence of just over a decade the D’Unbelivable boys, Pat Shortt and John Kenny, came back to town last night with a bang.

The inspiration for the hilarious D’Unbelivables, which was formed in the late 1980s in Limerick, came from rural pub characters.  Welcome to the wacky, witty, weird yet wonderful world of the D’Unbelivables, where hearty laughs greet their every move.

From the minute the incorrigible Pat Shortt and his side kick Kenny bounded onto the Vicar Street stage last Wednesday night there was no doubt it would surely be an experience to tell the grandchildren in years to come.  Pat’s part in Killinaskully has rightfully cemented his place as an Irish legend. Everything he touches works and this show didn’t disappoint.

 In the words of one of John Kenny’s onstage characters it was “absoooluutely wonderful” from start to finish. The middle of the show was a real masterstroke because it involved every single member of the audience. One was a member of either the bride or groom’s family.  It saw the staging of a mock wedding that had more twists and turns than an Eastenders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale wedding combined.  It was all improvised by the wedding party, who were audience members, and of course Shortt and Kenny.  It was a no holds barred wedding extravaganza which culminated in the modern bar of the venue so the performers could avail of a much needed break!

There were props a plenty, more costume changes than I could count and to my surprise a star turn from Kenny as not only a female but also a credible female singer. The crew behind the staging and lighting deserve a mention because without them the show would not have gone on. They made the many different transitions smooth and plausible.

The greatest compliment one can bestow on the show is that it is akin to stand up comedy, a stage play and a soap all rolled into one.  The production is a rarity.   They take the best elements from each genre and make it work.  All the while paying tribute to what is good about Ireland and Irish culture, which is exactly what we need right now.

My sole gripe with the show was that a knowledge of previous D’Unbelivable shows seemed to be needed to understand a few of the jokes. Overall, the two man show brought out the “inner cultie” in me. 

The D’Unbelivables return to perform at Vicar Street on the 7th-12th March 2011. For tickets go to

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By Martha Gberevbie

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