Christmas gifts for less this Christmas

Just because our economy may be waking up to a proverbial lump of coal this Christmas, searching for the perfect Christmas gift for loved ones needn’t be as daunting a prospect as expected. Due to the introduction of an array of new and high-tech products to the market – such as the Xbox Kinnect, and iphone 4 – a host of brilliant products have had their prices slashed.

The Xbox 360 has been the most sought after console this year and can be found at retailers such as Argos, at a price of €179.99. Although this is not exactly cheap, it is a fraction of the initial cost of the console.

The arrival of a slew of animated and 3D films this year has given rise to a number of great character products. Toy Story 3, for example, was one of the biggest movie hits this year and was a favorite amongst children.

Disney’s Ultimate Buzz Lightyear is quickly becoming the most buzzed about toy this Christmas. The Toy Story character is packed with amazing features such as a wireless infra-red remote control, multiple sensors and over 100 phrases. This spectacular toy can be found at Smyth’s Toystore for €101 – half its original price tag.

Harry Potter is a name that automatically puts a smile on the faces of people of all ages. The release of the penultimate chapter in the Harry Potter the series- The Deathly Hallows– has brought about a range of gift options.

If venturing out into the bleak cold Christmas nights isn’t your thing, then perhaps ‘Harry Potter Scene It’ may just be. The game is a TV/DVD quiz including real clips from the first five films which is bound to keep the whole family entertained over the Christmas period. This brilliant game can be found for sale on Ebay for as little as €15.

An Idiot Abroad has been the show on everyone’s minds these past few months. Ricky Gervais’ endeavor to showcase the 7 Wonders of the World by sending his ‘idiot’ Radio 1 Producer, Karl Pilkington, has been a smash hit for Sky One.  The box-set can be acquired on Amazon for €20, which shouldn’t haunt those on even the tightest of budgets and is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face this Christmas.

by Aoife Moriarty

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