Shebeen Chic screens Irish Movies

By Susan Swift

Spending an evening in quirky George’s St. bar, Shebeen Chic, is like experiencing a raw, uncorrupted genre of Irish culture. A hide-out for the artsy type and young business people alike, Shebeen Chic is anything but boring.

Without being superficial, the décor in this pub is uniquely intriguing. There are messages carved into the bar with biro and the photos of staff members with friends stuck everywhere give the impression that Shebeen Chic is much more than just a watering hole for strangers.

It would be unfair to call it try-hard but a lie to call it mainstream. “Alternative” would probably be the correct word to describe Shebeen Chic. The vibe is not classically Irish, in that you won’t hear tunes like ‘The Hills of Donegal’ reverberating through the wooden beams. But it is inherently Irish in the sense that it is the venue where students, eager intellectuals, budding musicians and young writers can be found discussing everything meaningful, in the way only they can.

Film lovers flock there on a Tuesday night for the 7.30 screening of Irish movies.  These pictures not only showcase the cream of the Irish film crop but offer new and emerging talent a platform to launch their masterpieces and perhaps find a fanbase.

The downstairs make-shift cinema feels like a secret annex, an old-school movie haven for those who come to discover the marvels of Irish cinema. With vintage couch seating, garden-type furniture and velvet curtains, the atmosphere is palpable from the moment you step inside.

The event, which started at the beginning of November, is run in association with the Screen Director’s Guild of Ireland.  Shebeen Chic’s movie night aims to promote the appreciation of Irish filmmaking and give the public an opportunity to watch old and new pictures.  The main feature of the night is preceded each week by a short film.  The event is free and open to all and the staff at Shebeen Chic say that it’s an interesting night that’s getting busier every week.

Runs at Shebeen Chic every Tuesday at 7.30, until, exceptionally, the screening takes place on Wednesday 1 December to mark World Aids Day.

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