Captain Magic Wonderland funkin’ it out

For those of us seeking to escape the horrors of the Sunday night X Factor cacophony, there is a refuge.

At half nine in the Mezz in Temple Bar, something wonderful happens – if you crack open the door, you will find yourself transported to the hot, balmy tropics as Captain Magic Wonderland funk up your life.

A four piece band, Duncan, Henrique, Fernando and Rodrigo are a Latin jazz and funk ensemble that captures the oscillating sound of the South Americas.

The magic of this band is its flexibility; it’s a supple amalgamation of instruments, notes and styles which generates an energy rather than a sound.

 It’s not a music which one hears but rather is felt as you find yourself tapping your feet on your bar-stool, then swaying and rolling your shoulders.

Lead guitarist and singer Duncan’s Tom Waits-like voice grounds the fluctuating, funky sound; the earth for this electrifying and soulful music. The rough edge to his voice perfectly compliments the smooth Latin music.

Lending itself to the band’s incredibly relaxed style is the chemistry and rapport between its members.

This is a group of people who really enjoy music and share their love with the audience.

Listening to them play makes one feels privileged – as though taking a peek through a crack in a garage wall at sorcery in practice.

Dropping into The Mezz on a Sunday night is well worth braving the cold weather, I promise- Captain Magic Wonderland can warm the coldest of feet.

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