The Script – Science and Faith

With their self-titled debut album, The Script achieved the American Dream. The three members, who grew up in the poor district of Mount Brown, Co. Dublin, have sold over 2 million albums worldwide and reached the top of the charts in Ireland and the UK.

After touring with stars like Paul McCartney and U2 they returned home and realised how much their lives have changed.

While the band is crowned by success their friends suffer from the impact of unemployment and poverty due to the financial crises.

Using this experience as an inspiration for their new songs the band remains true to themselves. One example for this influence is the first single “For the First Time”. It tells the story of couple who faces not only the difficulties of unemployment but also its impact on their relationship.

All songs combine melancholic and emotional lyrics with a hip hop influence, a touch of soul and a simple rhythm. They complement each other and are very relatable in this time of recession – which makes them suitable for the masses.

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