Liberties left out in the cold by Fringe Festival

Another year and another Absolute Fringe Festival draws to a close in Dublin. It has been an exceptional year – both for the quality of the productions and for the huge amount of audience members who went to see them. With over one-hundred shows in twenty-two venues, you’re spoilt for choice.

Although festival venues were spread throughout the city, there were no venues located in the Liberties area. However, there were some nearby, including the Bernard Shaw in Portobello and the Bald Barista Coffee Shop on Harcourt Road. The opening of the festival took place in Collins Barracks.

But why are the Liberties not being used for such a big arts festival? It is an area full of culture and there are more than enough places that artists could use. The Tivoli and other theatres, as well as the some more of the obscure sites in the area, would be very useful for the festival.

The same thing is true of the upcoming Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival, with there being no venues for artists within the Liberties area.

An area this big being left out of theatre festivals is unfortunate. Maybe we’ll see a change next year. I certainly hope so.

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