Port O’Brien’s concert in Crawdaddy a success after near cancellation

They say spontaneous events are the best. Port O’Brien’s show in Crawdaddy on 8 April was almost cancelled. Three days before they were heading to Europe for a one month tour, trouble with flight tickets caused guitarist Van Pierszalowski to call some European friends to help them out. Sheet music was sent over the planet, and rehearsals were almost non-existent. But thanks to the spontaneous campaign, California indie folk-band Port O’Brien  could play their three Irish shows.

When they play in Dublin, it is always in Crawdaddy, they said, and the venue seemed perfect. The 300-people room was well crowded and the band did what they do best: they played a mixture of euphoric, punchy anthems and their emotive ballads.

Unfortunately, only two of the core band could make it to Europe: singer Cambria Goodwin “couldn’t be on this tour” as Van explained her absence. Pierszalowski works as a fisherman and Goodwin in a bakery in Alaska. When their first album was released, touring became the main occupation in their lives instead of working on the coast. No more hardwork, but just seeing the world.

Although playing concerts must be hard work for Port O’Brien as well. Jumping and dancing around on the stage next to playing their asses off and making the performance not in any way boring for the audience, is now their job.

Fans were waiting for the last song I Woke Up Today, for which the band invited people on the stage. After singing a birthday song for one lucky fan, everyone in the room entered the chorus of their most popular song. Possibly the best way to end this amazing night.

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