Clash of the Titans 3D can’t compete with Avatar

The original Clash of the Titans was made in 1981 and was a memorable film  of my misspent youth.  It was successful in its day and the special effects then are nothing compared to today’s technology; but still, the original version was better.

This remake lacks a good story, decent characters, believable heroes and a decent dialogue script, which is just shameful for some of the actors involved.  Only the special effects save this movie, although the 3D conversion does nothing to enhance this movie at all.  You could still watch this movie without the glasses which proves that the 3D phenomenon does not suit all movies, and I think people are getting tired of everything in 3D.

Sam Worthington (Perseus) is the main character and reminds audiences of a younger Russell Crowe, accent included, although perhaps too distinctive an Aussie accent for this role. Yet still, these are characters with no character. The one reason you will sit there till the end of the movie is just to see the Kraken monster.

I have been looking forward to directors remaking movies like this, but am disappointed yet again.  Avatar 3D is just too good a competitor for these other directors and it will take a fantastic movie to top James Cameron’s imagination.

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