Budget-busting beach body deals for the summer

We have received our first glance of the summer sun and with that arrives the impending doom of creating our beach worthy bodies for the summer months.  Winter has not only given us a few inches in excess, but has also turned our complexion a petrifying pasty white.  So here are my top 5 budget busting products, to give you that beach body for the coming summer sunshine.

Epsom Salts
These are traditionally used to get rid of excess fluid, which is often necessary after a body busting workout.  However, they are also used in many detox diets, which can be a great way to kick start the transformation from winter wench to summer sizzler.  Drop a handful of salts into the bath and while you are sitting and soaking, they will drain toxins out of your body through your pores, leaving you feeling replenished and unblemished.

These can be bought in Foleys Pharmacy on Thomas Street for €2.99 for 150g

Exfoliating Gloves
These are an essential buy to for any lady’s beauty bag. It can be used to scrub away scaly fake tan or to increase blood circulation to the skin. Leaving your skin silky smooth after a long scrub, you will be irresistible to look at as well as irresistible to touch while soaking up the sun.

O’Reillys Pharmacy, Thomas Street sells a set of gloves for €1.99

Johnson’s Holiday Skin
This is another key item for the summer months. It will inject your skin with all the moisture needed after a day out in the fresh air and will give you a healthy glow. This is a great product for those of us who are not fortunate enough to tan, so instead of roasting, grab yourself some holiday skin.

This Product is available in Euro2 shop on Thomas Street, alternatively Lidl provide the Dove version of the product for only €5.99.

Johnson’s Baby Oil
No this is not for you to oil yourself up and fry yourself in the sun. Fantastic to use straight out of the shower/bath, when applied to wet skin it locks in moisture and ensures that thirsty skin is looked after.  Also when used regularly, it can ensure a longer lasting tan.

This is Available in Foleys Pharmacy from €4.74 for 200ml.

Mushatt’s Body Lotion
The final item on my list is a rescue remedy for those of you who forget the essential SUNCREAM. This natural lotion, which is made from traditional recipes, can be used to sooth any dryness or skin irritation. It is especially good for sunburn.

This is available in Foley’s pharmacy for €10.99

In my final note, I would like to emphasise the importance of protecting your skin during the summer months. The skin is our largest and toughest organ, and is absolutely invaluable to our well being. Protect it with plenty of high factor sun creams and don’t be embarrassed to use higher factors than others around you.  A longer lasting tan is developed over time and if you ensure your skin is safe when it is exposed, you will gain a great colour without any uncomfortable sun burn.

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