Man sentenced to nine years for concealing a Glock pistol

Man concealed a pistol and had shotgun behind the toilet in his home..

A man has been sentenced to nine years in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for concealing a Glock pistol on his person and a shotgun behind the toilet in his home.

Richard Brady (21), of Mourne Road, Drimnagh, pleaded guilty to possession of the pistol at Crumlin Road, Crumlin, and the sawn-off shotgun at his home on Mourne Road on March 21st 2009.  The shotgun had been modified to allow a silencer to be attached.

Judge Hunt suspended the final four years of the sentence under strict conditions – including one year of probation supervision – on account of Mr Brady’s prompt plea of guilt and genuine signs of remorse.  He also ordered that the weapons be destroyed.

Garda Mark Doran told the court that he was on patrol in Crumlin when he noticed Brady and two other youths, and was suspicious that Brady – whom he knew from before – was carrying drugs.  One of the youths threw something under a nearby car, which was later retrieved and found to contain two live rounds of pistol ammunition.

The youths were searched, and the Glock pistol was found hidden in Brady’s sock.  There was a bullet in the weapon’s barrel.

Following a search of Brady’s home, a spent bullet casing and  the silenced sawn-off shotgun were found.  Both weapons were functional, but the serial number of the Glock had been removed deliberately.

Brady informed Gardaí that he had been drinking wine on the night and had swallowed tablets called ‘D10s’, and could not remember where had had got the pistol from.  He said that his life was in danger as a result of being involved in the ‘Drimnagh Feud’ through acquaintances, and had the pistol for reasons of self protection.  He claimed to have received death threats both verbally and in the form of notes posted through the door of his home.

He later told Gardaí that he was asked to deliver the pistol to a certain location for payment, and insisted that he was not intending on actually using the weapon.

Brady has four previous convictions, including one under the Firearms Act of 1925 for carrying a knife.

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