Dublin Bikes

The launch of Dublin Bikes last September has been a huge success with 40 stations located around the city.

In the Dublin Bikes trial, there have been no setbacks but welcomed by the Irish citizens as another step towards an eco-friendly system.


  • Over 25,000 subscribers
  • Almost 306,000 rentals since launch
  • Average journey time is 16 minutes
  • Thursday and Friday are the busiest days, Sunday is the quietest
  • Busiest days to date, Tuesday 10th November and Thursday 10th December when there were 4,013 and 4,101 rentals.
  • 95% of rentals are free, i.e. under 30 minutes.
  • The majority of Long Term subscribers are male (67%).
  • 57% of Long Term subscribers are aged 18-35 years


With over 450 bikes, it means you can travel around Dublin quicker and more cost-effectively.  A three day ticket will set you back a very low rate of €2 and the first half hour is free.

54 per cent of Dubliners are more worried about the environment and congestion in the capital and 60 per cent say they are taking positive steps in reducing the energy they use.

Many tourists will be familiar with the scheme as it is a success in other countries including Paris, Lyon, Vienna and Seville.  According to the Central Statistics Office, over 5.6 million tourists came to Dublin in 2008.

In Paris alone there have been 42 million users since its bike scheme launch in July 2007.  The “Velib” or free bike has been a huge success and its Irish counterpart looks to be following in the same footsteps.

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