Guitar shop for the stars

Owen McQuail in his shop ‘Some Neck Guitars’ on Aungier Street photo credit: Injae Kang

If you’ve ever wondered where Steve Earle, Simple Minds, Buddy Guy and other international rockstars buy guitars in Dublin,  the owner of ‘Some Neck Guitars’, Owen McQuail, is the one to ask.

The shop on Aungier Street  was opened by McQuail six and a half years ago.

The shop has a huge number of guitars hanging on the walls. The amplifiers of various models and sizes, some of them ancient looking, along with a strong smell of wood gives the store a vintage touch.

The shop is not particularly crowded and Owen says, “It does not really get busy or empty, it’s just kind of all flat level. Level business does not jump up, or it does not get really low, and we do not have any type of promotion.”

Some Neck Guitars has all different types of clientele who range from beginner to expert. And even sometimes to rock-star.

Owen shows the plaques hanging on the wall behind him which show various names of celebrities who have bought and serviced guitars in the shop. These include Steve Earle, Simple Minds, Buddy Guy and ZZ Top.

The shop is completely run by the McQuail family. Mc Quail says, “I’m not really interested in hiring new staff. I manage the shop by myself and with a little help from my son or daughter, so I like to call it a family business.”

The shop opened six and a half years ago but in a different location. McQuail explained: “The store was across the street and it was a bit small, but two and a half years ago we decided to move to this store [which is] a bit bigger and I assure you that the business goes much better on this part of the road.”

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