How Not To Be A Boy Review: Robert Webb

How Not To Be a Boy’, a book full of love, laughter and heartbreak, Robert Webb’s life-so-far memoir.

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Webb, mainly known for his role as Jeremy in Channel 4 sitcom ‘Peep Show’, recently released his autobiography and it’s certainly a little different to the rest.


Throughout the book, Webb writes of his tough childhood with a violent father and tragically losing his mother at 17. Of course, he mentions meeting David Mitchell at Cambridge University through Footlights drama club, a man Webb will share the spotlight with during many of his years in comedy.


Webb is currently on tour with ‘How Not to Be a Boy’ where he is speaking about the book to a live audience, reading from his book and also a Q&A session with the audience to end. Webb recently visited Vicar Street where he was interviewed by RTÉ journalist, Sinéad Gleeson.


A glowing theme throughout the book is simply, be who you want to be and do not think you need to act a certain way because of your gender. Webb mentions that he was not a ‘typical’ teenage boy in the sense that he was not good at sport, he was not cheeky or boisterous and he was simply not good at being a boy.

The book also deals with feminism, Webb is a proud feminist, and this is due to a strong female influence in his life such as his mother and now his wife and two daughters. Webb is aware that a lot of the issues he speaks about, feminist groups have been saying it for years. During his interview, Webb said: “I am well aware that a bloke saying these things, I will get a multiple of the attention for a fraction of the grief.”


Webb confirms that ‘How Not To Be a Boy’ is part of a two book deal, he will start writing a novel very soon. For ‘Peep Show’ fans, speaking about another series, Webb said: “There’s a playful thought about if David and I live long enough, say into our mid 60’s, bringing them back, watching Mark and Jeremy in the same flat, that would be amazing.” Yes, that would be amazing.


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