Motor tax offices close to tackle backlog

Motor tax backlog causes disruption in Dublin-Image Flikr-Woody1778a

Motor tax backlog causes disruption in Dublin-Image Flikr-Woody1778a

Motor tax offices across Dublin city are due to close next week in order to deal with a backlog that has arisen from recent law changes.

Offices in Clondalkin, Ballymun and Smithfield are set to close from 11 November to 15 November.

On 1 October 2013 new laws were introduced in an attempt to curb motor tax evasion.

The new law means that motorists who didn’t pay their tax will have to pay arrears in order to drive on public roads.

The previous laws allowed for people to declare their cars off the road when they re-taxed them.

The backlog has arisen in processing driving license applications, motor tax renewals and applications for ‘off the road’ periods.

There are an estimated 12,000 post applications for driver licenses, renewals and permits to be dealt with.

Applications for learner permits, driver licenses and driver license renewals can no longer be made through the motor tax office, however the office is still dealing with the applications made before the change.

The National Driver License Service will deal with license applications from now on.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council has said: “The backlogs occurred because of changes in processing driver licences in advance of the move to the new NDLS service.”

Although offices are due to close the council has assured that they will still deal with postal applications and answer phone calls.

Motor tax can continued to paid by post or online at”

Image: Flikr-Woody1778a

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