Live Register figures reach an all time high

Since the end of the Celtic Tiger, unemployment has risen to its all-time high of 12.7 per cent

Though it only comprises of about 1.4 square kilometres of Dublin City, the Liberties area makes up a vital percentage of the Live Register. The Liberties accounts for a staggering 12.37 per cent of Co. Dublin’s population on the Live Register.

According to the Central Statistics Office, the Live Register keeps track of anyone receiving unemployment benefits; it includes part-time, seasonal and casual workers. The Live Register does not account for the unemployment rate in the Liberties.  There are two Live Register offices in the Liberties, one on Thomas Street and the other on Bishop Square.

Though the Live Register and the unemployment rate are two different sets of statistics, the higher unemployment is, people are more likely to seek Live Register. Compared with other counties, Dublin has relatively low unemployment figures at 11 per cent in January 2009.

Since the end of the Celtic Tiger, unemployment has risen to its all-time high of 12.7 per cent in Ireland in January 2010. The onset of the recession has made unemployment a major problem for Ireland.

Areas such as Tallaght, Blanchardstown, Clondalkin and the Liberties, have recorded some of the highest Live Register figures in the county. The Liberties especially have been hard hit, and are currently ranking first in the race for the highest Live Register participation figures.

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